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There's a New Dimension in Precision Measurement...

and you can find it at Edmunds Gage. You know, the gages with the family name on them. Where we have a lot of pride in what we do and take a personal interest in solving your measurement challenges.

Where we conceive, design, and build measurement technology as simple as precision-machined ring gages to as complex as computerized post-process, closed-loop feedback gaging systems. In-house. From scratch. Which means single-source responsibility to you. There's no passing the buck at Edmunds.

In addition to cylindricals, plugs, and custom gages, we also make air and electronic gages, metrology comparators, and offer gage block calibration services in our Sub-Millionths Metrology Lab. We don't try to be everything to everybody. But what we do we do extremely well. We know what we're doing. We like doing it. We strive to keep doing it better.

Just like you.

Do your best with Edmunds Gages. Stretch to the new dimension in precision measurement. Call or write for our brochure today.

Compact. Robust. These CNC grinders are built for the long run.

Bahmuller grinders are heralded world-wide for precision and reliability. Although designed for high volume production of medium to large parts, these machines are compact in size. And are they robust! With their mineral polymer concrete base, these grinders are solid, providing the rigidity you need for accuracy and repeatability...from the first part to the last. Its product range includes OD, ID, and universal grinders. Advanced, graphics-based CNC control systems, integrated material handling systems and transfer lines are among Bahmuller's experienced capabilities. Get the complete details about these world-class grinders today.

Get the benefits of cam productivity and CNC technology.
A Swiss-made automatic at an all-American price

The Deco 2000 has it all. The speed, reliability, and productivity of cam control. The flexibility, versatility, and precision of CNC. Swiss-made quality. And, a competitive price. How'd we do it? By jointly developing with Fanuc, a parallel numerical control system and dedicated programming software. You'll get cycle times twice as fast as conventional CNC automatics. That's right. Four tools can work simultaneously, providing production rates up to 20 small parts per minute! Don't worry, it's easy to learn. It runs on Microsoft Windows. As for the friendly price tag, we at Tornos have been doing exactly what you've been doing. Getting efficiencies up and costs down. And passing the savings on to you. your parts are within 10mm dia. and 90mm in length, it's everything you need. It's everything you want.

You owe it to yourself and your company to find out more about this extraordinary machine. The Deco 2000. Contact us today!

The Un-Coiler
The proven winner.

After eleven years in thousands of different applications, the Un-Coiler is field-proven. That says a lot about a product. That it's getting the job done. And done well. That it's a winner. In the Un- Coiler's case, that means it's cutting coil setup time and increasing machine time. Boosting productivity and making money for you.

Our exclusive features provide those great benefits. Like the patented, maintenance-free, rotary drive system with "Quick Torque". The guide drum control system with flat plane movement. The "no grease required" caster wheel. Electronic controls with safety interlocks. And much more.

Put the Un-Coiler to work and the true winner will be you.

Get the benefits of our PCD, CBN, and know-how.
PCD & CBN Tipped Inserts

Our customers are reaping the benefits of faster cutting rates, longer tool life, and fine finishes from our PCD and CBN tooling combined with applications experience.

We manufacture a wide range of the most popular PCD and CBN sizes and styles, precision ground by skilled craftsmen. We also remanufacture inserts and custom tip specials -- either your own or made by us. We truly shine at producing specials. Best of all,our applications specialists are here to make sure you get the optimum results from PCD and CBN. There can be a learning process with these tools, and we want your machines to scream, not you.

Call toll-free today for literature about our PCD and CBN inserts and the name of your nearest Fansteel VR/Wesson distributor. If you have a technical question about how to use our tooling, ask for our PCD/CBN department.