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Front Cover headline: Special Cutting Tools
Alden Tool Company, Inc (new logo)
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The special cutting tool maker you can rely on for manufacturing excellence.

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Special tooling is our sole focus.
At Alden we do one thing--manufacture special cutting tools. From prototypes to blanket orders, we handle it all. And we've been doing it since 1947. The experience, focus, and dedication to doing one thing, and doing it well, has helped us grow to become one of the largest manufacturers of special cutting tools in the United States. We are proud and honored to have earned the confidence of several Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized firms representing such diverse industries as aerospace, automotive, firearms, industrial and consumer hardware, medical and turbine.

Full service capability
We can begin with just the seed of your idea and design and engineer the special tool to cut your part and handle the entire project through completion. Or, you can provide us with tooling designs and blueprints you have created, and we will apply our manufacturing expertise and CNC grinding technology to complete the job. However you wish to employ our services, we are happy to accommodate you. Many of our customers do take advantage of the total range of our capabilities. Often, they will simply show us a finished part or part print and ask us to design and produce the tool to make it to the specifications indicated. The rest is up to us. They know from experience that we will design the tool correctly, present a print for approval, produce the tool at a fair price, and deliver it in a timely manner. To them, and perhaps to you, turning over the entire job to us is often the most economical and efficient way to approach the making of a special tool.

Computerized job tracking system keeps you in constant touch
We at Alden share the same goals as you. We continuously strive to improve our customer responsiveness and operation efficiencies. With those two ends in mind, we have integrated a computerized job tracking system to ensure that all of our processes are documented, certified, and traceable. By inputting data from a process plan, scanning in part number  and employee bar codes at every step of the process, we can glean a wealth of information that is helpful to you. For example, if you call to inquire about the status of your job, we can give you the answer in seconds. Internally, the system helps to improve our methods by monitoring the time and costs associated with each job. Ultimately, that is a tremendous benefit to our customers.

The technology, the know-how, and the assurance
Many of our customers tell us they come to Alden because they can depend on our quality. We often say that the more complex  your tool needs to be--the more radiuses, angles, steps, and the tighter the tolerances--the more competitive we become. We have the equipment and we have the ingenuity behind the equipment. We can also adhere to any quality assurance parameters you ask us to follow. For example, we can serialize all of your tools for traceability and provide you with complete inspection reports. All of our gaging and inspection equipment is certified by the National Institute of Standards. We are on a regular maintenance and calibration program for all of the equipment in our shop, a discipline we practiced long before it became and ISO mandate. It always seemed like the smart and the right way to operate. We like feeling good about every tool that goes out our door.

How can we help you?
Whatever your tooling needs are, Alden is just a phone call away. Our friendly "family" of employees is available to assist you or to answer any questions you might have about our services. Our employees are encouraged to get involved in Total Quality Management, so you can rest assured that whomever you speak with will be well informed. If you desire a pre- estimate or quotation on your part, we would be happy to supply you with one. If setting up a blanket order is your priority, we can accommodate you. If you need someone to step in and run the show, we're fully capable.We personalize your contract to fit your needs.

Possible Quote for Design Element: "Quality and precision in manufacturing is our business. We invite you to share in the excellence."

Chuck Muravnick, President, Alden Tool Company

Mission Statement for Design Element To continually improve our commitment to quality and service in the design and manufacture of special cutting tools.

New! Introducing Un-Coiler II.

Now you can enjoy all the Un-Coiler benefits while using smaller diameter loads and even less floor space.  The Un-Coiler II is designed to uncoil material for stamping presses, roll form mills, wire forming machines, and other equipment which uses coiled material.  It accommodates loads up to 1,000 lbs. and 24" in diameter.  It rotates in either a clockwise or counterclockwise motion, easily changeable by the user.  A 110V power supply is all that's required. 

Consider the renowned Un-Coiler benefits:
Load more material, save coil change time
The turntable accepts an entire pallet of coiled material, instead of just single coils, loaded directly from your forklift or crane. This slashes coil change time and keeps your machines productive.

Improve safety
No more hand loading means less risk of injury due to heavy lifting of coils.

Minimize maintenance
The Un-Coiler's patented direct rotary drive system requires no belts, gears or clutches to wear out. Low friction caster wheels need no lubrication.

Move it where you need it
The unit is easily moved from one location to another, and requires no permanent hardwiring to production equipment, so you can use it where you need it.

Put the Un-Coiler II to work for you!

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