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Welcome to the Press Room at Gorman Communications. Here you will find press releases, articles and images we have issued on behalf of our clients. They are listed in reverse chronological order. If you have questions or need more information, please call us, 860 483-0444, or email

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Date Client Title Graphics Document
8/4/11 Mitsui Seiki New HMC for Power Gen Power Gen
6/13/11 Mitsui Seiki ImX 2011 ImX
4/21/11 Fastems Fastems Expands in NA Fastems
6/22/10 Mitsui Seiki 750mm 5-axis VMC VMC
5/19/10 Mitsui Seiki Configurable MCs at IMTS 2010 MCs
7/23/09 Mitsui Seiki Mitsui Seiki New President President
7/23/09 Mitsui Seiki Cut Gears On 5-Axis MCs Cut Gears
12/19/08 Kennametal Inc. "Innovations" Catalog Innovations
12/19/08 Kennametal Inc. New BeyondTM Tooling New Beyond
11/21/08 Kennametal Inc. New ISO KM Tooling ISO KM
11/14/08 Bryant Grinder 100th Anniversary 100
11/11/08 Mitsui Seiki New 630mm Pallet HMC 630mm
11/3/08 Bryant Grinder New Multi-Surface Grinder

9/25/08 9/25/08 Rollalong Magnetic Square Rollalong
9/24/08 Datron Dynamics, Inc. New President President
7/25/08 Mitsui Seiki New "Heavy Metal" Brochure Heavy
5/28/08 Tsugami/Rem Sales Swiss-type 32mm at IMTS Tsugami
5/27/08 Mitsui Seiki Laser Drill, Heavy Metal MCs at IMTS

5/27/08 SAV North America SAV workholding products at IMTS SAV IMTS
5/27/08 Datron Dynamics VMC for small tools at IMTS IMTS
4/16/08 SAV North America Radial Pole Chucks Radial
4/16/08 Datron Dynamics New Dense Hole Table Table
3/14/08 Mitsui Seiki New Laser Drilling Machine

3/3/08 Monster Accessories New Website Website
3/1/08 Datron Dynamics HS Spindle EASTEC 2008 Spindle
2/29/08 Morris Group, Inc. Perfect Service Score Perfect
2/13/08 Mitsui Seiki Heavy Metal Machines Heavy
1/30/08 Tsugami/Rem Sales Combo Swiss and Turret Machine Combo
1/29/08 Datron Dynamics V8 Software V8
1/24/08 SAV North America Lift Magnets Magnet
1/17/08 Datron Dynamics Top "100" Innovators Top "100"
11/28/07 New Coolant Pumps Pumps
11/13/07 SAV North America Magnetic Chucks for Surface Grinders Magnetic
11/02/07 Datron Dynamics New Vision System for MCs Vision
09/05/07 Mitsui Seiki Mitsui Seiki Website
08/02/07 Mitsui Seiki Mitsui Seiki Adds Factory Factory
05/24/07 Datron Dynamics New machining center for micro tools Excelsior
03/27/07 Mitsui Seiki James Webb Telescope Machining

03/12/07 Datron Dynamics New Datron machine at EASTEC EASTEC
01/23/07 RBC Bearings Incorporated RBC Launches New Website RBC Web
12/11/06 CHIRON America New Swivel Head Mill with Barloader Swivel
12/09/06 Datron Dynamics Produce PCBs Efficiently
11/16/06 Hartwig, Inc. Hartwig Gets Tom Dierks Dierks
10/31/06 CHIRON America Machine Profiled Parts Profiled
09/19/06 Bijur Delimon International Lubricator with Controller Lubricator
08/07/06 Bijur Delimon International Collaborates with Fischer Collaborate
07/25/06 Bijur Delimon International launched Web Site
07/25/06 Datron Dynamics Micromachining with Ethanol Coolant Micro
07/18/06 Tornos Swiss-type with micron precision 8mm Swiss
06/02/06 Bijur Delimon International New Lube Systems at PackExpo 2006 Pack Expo
06/02/06 Mitsui Seiki Mr. Higuchi Retires Higuchi
05/30/06 Datron Dynamics MC for small parts at IMTS EZ Raptor
05/23/06 Edmunds Gages Edmunds IMTS press release image Edmunds IMTS 06
05/23/06 Mitsui Seiki Jig Borers and Precision MCs at IMTS Mitsui IMTS 06
04/25/06 Bijur Delimon International New high pressure pumps High Pressure
04/25/06 CHIRON America New productivity options on Mill 800 Mill 800
03/30/06 Tornos Thread whirl high pitch angle screws Thread Whirl
03/30/06 Tornos Multispindle Seminars

03/24/06 Tornos New Multi Cuts Cycle Time In Half

02/17/06 CHIRON America Executive Promotions Promotions
02/06/06 Bijur Delimon Bijur Lubrication changes name Delimon
02/03/06 Mitsui Seiki USA More Demand for Jig Borers Demand
11/15/05 Mitsui Seiki USA Dynamic Offset Software Function Dynamic
10/18/05 Edmunds Gages Save shop air energy AutoAir
09/28/05 Tornos New 6-axis Swiss Lathe Deco20
09/13/05 Bijur-Farval Injectors Qaudruple Life Injectors
08/29/05 Bijur/ChassisCare Online Store Now Open ChassisCare
08/11/05 Bijur Lubrication Group Bijur Revamps Website Website
08/11/05 Chiron America Twin VMC with 800mm Trunnion Twin VMC
06/26/05 Bijur Lubrication Chassiscare Grease lube points on trucks easily Lube Points
06/26/05 Erwin Junker Machinery New Crankshaft Grinder at EMO '05 EMO
06/16/05 Tornos New thread whirling devices Thread
05/12/05 Mitsui SeikiUSA, Inc. HMC for heavy cuts HU63A
04/28/05 Chiron America New "Quick Change" Wheel VMC Wheel Drill
04/10/05 Bijur Lubrication Group Automatic "Sure Shot" for Greasing Trailers Sure Shot
03/21/05 Habitat for Humanity – Greater Waterbury The King is coming to The Palace!

The King
03/17/05 Chiron New Series 12K VMCs 12K
03/12/05 Tornos Tornos Launches New Website Website
02/24/05 Mitsui SeikiUSA, Inc. Mitsui introduces new VMC at EASTEC Vertex 550
02/21/05 Tornos Tornos at EASTEC 2005 Eastec 2005
02/08/05 Chiron America New VMC for Small Parts FZ08 Release
01/25/05 Bijur Lubrication Group Bijur Names New Sales Manager New Sales Manager
12/02/04 Tornos Tornos Represents Esco Screw Machines Esco
12/02/04 Bijur Lubrication Group New lube system for trailers greases hard to reach points For Fleet Managers

For Truck Owners

11/9/04 Zzooties Zzooties bed socks for holidays

8/25/04 Beth El Have Ark, Will Travel Ark
7/2/04 Ball & Seat Specialties Company Ball & Seat Specialties Company to Exhibit Priming Valve Ball and Seat Assemblies at Permian Basin International Oil Show, October 19–21, 2004 Booth #D37 Permian Basin
7/2/04 Ball & Seat Specialties Company Ball & Seat Specialties Company is Exclusive Distributor of CERBEC® Balls Ball & Seat
6/4/04 Bridgeport Machines, Ltd New Bridgeport Machines at IMTS Bridgeport IMTS
6/3/04 Bryant Grinder Bryant to Introduce Two New Grinders at IMTS 2004 Grinder Text
6/3/04 Bryant Spindles Bryant Spindles & Repair Services to be Exhibited at IMTS 2004 Spindle Text
6/3/04 Mitsui Seiki (USA) Inc. Mitsui Seiki to Introduce Horizontal & Vertical Machining Centers at IMTS 2004 Booth A-8018 HU63A-5x
6/2/04 Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp Tornos Multi-Axis Swiss-Type Turning/Milling Centers and Multispindles in Action at IMTS 2004 Multi-Axis

5/24/04 CERBEC® CERBEC® Ceramic Balls for a Wide Range of Manufacturing Bearings and Ballscrew Applications at IMTS 2004 Booth D-4345 Cerbec IMTS
5/13/04 Erwin Junker Machinery Quickpoint Tecnology from Erwin Junker Machinery at IMTS 2004 Booth B-6733 Quickpoint

4/26/04 Edmunds Gages New Column Amplifier AccusetterII
4/15/04 CERBEC/
World Wide Bearings
Hybrid Bearings Use on the Rise in Racing Industry Spiderman

4/6/04 Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp Tornos DECO Series Machine Turns Out Angular Dental Implants in One Setup (Will be exibited at MD&M East 2004, Booth #3029)
3/22/04 Bridgeport Machines, Ltd Bridgeport Introduces the NEW HSC500 High-Speed Machining Center HSC500
3/18/04 Bryant Grinder New Spindle Repair Business Established – "Bryant Spindle"
On display at EASTEC 2004 – Booth 5653
Bryant Spindle
3/3/04 Tornos Technologies Tornos to Demo Bar Feeder and Single Spindle Automatic at EASTEC 2004 – Booth 1440 AOA Machinery Company Eastec 2004
2/26/04 Fischer USA/ Spindle Technologies, Inc. Fischer Introduces High Performance Milling Spindle for 5-Axis Machining Centers Fischer Spindle
2/24/04 Bryant Grinder Bryant Grinder Introduces Opus Opus
2/19/04 Erwin Junker Machinery, Inc. Junker Introduces Juflex – Two Grinding Machines in One Juflex

2/16/04 Zzooties New Zzooties for Diabetes Zzooties Diabetes
2/12/04 Tornos Technologies Tornos Introduces Newly Redesigned Magazine Bar Feeder

(PDF File)
Bar Feeder
2/12/04 RBC Bearings RBC's Industrial Techtonic Bearings Division Awarded "Gold Level Preferred Supplier" Status at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (no photo) Gold Level
1/12/04 Saint-Gobain Advanced Ceramics Using Long-Life Hybrid Bearings on the Rise for Windmill Applications

Cerbec-Wind Energy
1/9/04 Koyo Corporation Koyo to Feature 3NC Hybrid-Ceramic Ball Bearings at WINDPOWER 2004 Booth #407 Koyo Wind Power
1/7/04 Bridgeport Machines Ltd. Bridgeport Introduces Fully Integrated, Five-Axis Vertical Machining Center New 5AX 400
12/11/03 RBC Bearings Large, Special Ball Screws Now Available from RBC RBC Ballscrew
12/4/03 The Gean-Edwards Company Gean-Edwards Introduces New "Definitely Diabetic®" Socks

Definitely Diabetic
11/13/03 Bridgeport Bridgeport Expands
Product Line