Sales Letters & Direct Mail

The Galaxy series line of dispense systems offer the best price-to-performance value in the industry.

See them in action at the Assembly Technology Expo!

I encourage you to visit us at the Expo, in booth 13111, and compare us with the competition. The Galaxy dispensers were thoughtfully and carefully designed for:

accuracy and performance 0.0005" repeatability, 0.002" true position accuracy and 40,000+ dph; economy and simplicity half the cost of other machines in its class and easy operation and maintenance.

And the process didn't happen overnight. Astro Dispense Systems was a logical progression from our 30 years of manufacturing precision positioning components. So these Galaxy machines evolved. In our minds, in our CAD systems, on paper, and in a few prototypes before we felt we solved every issue you've ever had with dispensers.

The enclosed, brief data sheet provides the highlights of these robust machines, including precision mechanics on all axes, the Windows 95 touchscreen software with powerful Pentium processing, ultra-high resolution machine optics and vision, quick change valve system and much, much more. So find out more by calling toll-free or returning the immediate response fax form.

If you are in the market for automatic dispensers, these Galaxy's must be considered. They are your total dispensing solution.


Joseph Palermo

P.S. Schedule a demo at the show by noting it on the enclosed fax form and returning it to us by 9/22.