AD AGENCY certified to ISO 9001 quality standard

Gorman Communications, LLC, a marketing communications firm in Bethlehem, Connecticut, was recently awarded ISO 9001 certification by Intertek Services, Boxborough, Massachusetts. ISO 9001 is an international quality standard, most commonly associated with manufacturing.
“Many people have asked me, why in the world would an advertising agency want to become ISO certified?” says Lynn Gorman, president. “Our largest client base consists of manufacturers of industrial products. Many are ISO certified, and I thought it would be unique if we were certified to the same quality standard. Further, we work with many U.S. subsidiaries of European parent companies, which is where the ISO quality system originated. When we first embarked on this effort about 18 months ago, I wasn’t even sure if the 9001 standard could be applied to our business. Yet it can because, in essence, we are manufacturers, too.”
The agency was established in 1990 and offers clients a full range of marketing communications services, including corporate identity programs, advertising, media analysis and placement, publicity campaigns, printed literature, web site design, and internet marketing.
“I think the ISO certification says that we are dedicated to the manufacturing sector, and, boy, do we ever understand what you have to go through!” laughs Gorman.
Gorman Communications is among 8 advertising agencies in the world that are ISO 9001 certified, according to World, Inc.

“It is not a piece of cake to get ISO certified,” smiles Lynn Gorman, president of Gorman Communications, LLC, a marketing communications firm in Bethlehem, Connecticut. The company recently celebrated receiving its ISO 9001 certificate, an unusual pursuit for an advertising agency to undertake. “We serve many clients in the manufacturing sector, and many of them adhere to the ISO quality standard. We thought it would be unique as a supplier to them if we were, too,” explains Gorman. Pictured from left to right: Jeannie Loren, Laure Clancy, Jim VanAmburg, Lisa Reardon, Lynn Gorman, Dick Hunt. (The ten candles on the cake represent the number of years Gorman has been in business).